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Welcome to VK Steels

In the fast pace of industrialization and technology improvements we have successfully managed to keep pace with time. We have our clients spread all over Chhattisgarh. The variety of offerings in our products enables us to deliver standard and custom orders with quick turnaround and excellent quality control.

Pre Engineered Buildings and Roofing Accessories

We provide high quality Pre Engineered Buildings. Our expert professionals are able to execute any customization as per client request. Apart from these we also offer roofing accessories and air ventilation systems to cover the complete requirement.Read More →

Metal Bars, Sheets and Coils

We also provide high quality TMT Bars, MS Structures, MS Plates, MS Rounds, HR Plates and Coils, CR Sheets and Coils etc. We have successfully launched the product of Jindal Vishwas(GC Sheets) into Chhattisgarh and have familiarized the customers with the product. Read More →

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