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Color Coated Profile Sheets

Perfection strength and style with different colors of life

VK Steels supplies and export color coated profile sheets. These sheets come in Trapezoidal Profile and Tile Profile. These sheets are available in following types of metal and color coating.

Color Coated Galvanized Profile Sheets (P.P.G.I.)

Zinc metallized coating can provide corrosion protection in rural & urban areas. Atmospheric condition will not rust steel protected by a zinc metallized coating. Therefore, a zinc metallized coating doesnt distort the shape of steel nor it will affect its metallurgical structure. If the product is scratched and the base metal is revealed, zinc will sacrifice itself and protect the exposed area until it is consumed.

Color Coated Galvalume Profile Sheets (P.P.G.I.)

Galvalume (Zinc - Alluminium alloy - Al 55%, Zn 43.5%, Silicon - 1.5% as bonding material) coating gives resistance and superior heat reflectivity. Bare Galvalume steel reflects a high percentage of heat and can withstand in any weather conditions without surface discoloration. It is also suited for coastal areas. Bare Galvalume coating is inorganic and does not contain volatile compounds that can harm the environment.

VK1010 - Color Coated Trapezodial Profile Sheet

VK1010 - Color Coated Tile Profile Sheet

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