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TMT Bars - 415Fe, 500Fe, 500D

TMT means Thermo mechanically treated steel. Its a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties such as weldability, strength, ductility and bendability, meeting highest quality standards at international level.

Types Available

TMT Bars Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-500D are available with us for supply.

Sizes Available

TMT Bars from 8mm to 32mm are available at VK Steels.


    • Bridges

    • Dams

    • Structures

    • Coastal construction

    • High-rise buildings

    • Power plants
    • Underground/raised platforms
    • Concrete reinforcement


    • High Strength

    • Superior Bend Properties
    • Better Elongation
    • Excellent Corrosion Resistance

    • Fire Resistance

    • High Fatigue Resistance
    • Good Weld-ability & Formability

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